McCrae's Coaching Driving School


Started my lessons late August and passed by early December. Great teacher and a great guy highly recommend!  Thanks Gabriel 

If you want to learn to drive, Shug is your guy. Passed my driving test first time thanks to Shug. All credit goes to him He is an absolutely brilliant instructor. Patient, funny, occasionally sarky, never angry, and put up with me moaning all the time. (and constantly forgetting when my lessons were lol ) I'm in my 50's and Shug put me at ease straight away. He built up my confidence, and made sure he explained everything in a way I'd understand. Never cancelled, and has the patience of a saint. An all round lovely guy and a great teacher. I'm going to miss my lessons with him. Thank you for everything Shug, you're the best ?? x Linda

I personally recommend shug's  wheels for a great driving experience as well as a high level of professional guidance thanks again Scott

I started my lessons with Shug after having had a previous instructor who I felt I was getting nowhere with and wasn't learning. Shug was great at getting me into situations I could learn from, and very clear about the points that I needed to grasp.I came out of every lesson having learned new things,he is good at giving in depth details of what could be improved and exactly how to improve these faults.Overall great experience would 100% recommend. Ryan

If anyone is looking to start driving lessons/change instructor/wants extra practice then I cannot recommend Shug McCrae highly enough! Honestly always had me feeling so comfortable and reassured, let me set my own pace and I think always done what was best for me.

Passed my test first time with Shug and I’m still going back for a few more lessons because I can’t think of anyone who could prepare me better for being a driver! If you’re worried about your theory then I doubt you’ll find better help elsewhere.

Part of me gutted that our lessons are coming to an end cause I really enjoyed my time with Shug. Claire😭

Shug is an excellent driving instructor, took me through everything I needed to know to pass my test and helped me boost my confidence in driving I would recommend him to anyone Martin

I finally passed my test last Wednesday, 🚘Oh yeah!!!

Well, if you are looking for a reliable, patient and supportive driving instructor, then I’d recommend Shugs-Wheel. Thanks to Shug’s great help, I have just passed my driving test in this hot summer.

I had a few driving instructors before Shug but found Shug had been the most suitable one for me. His patience, adaptable coaching method and consistent encouragement had made me through the whole learning journey. I passed my test the third time, I was so grateful for his efforts and reassurance all the time.

Though I made it at the third time, but I learnt so much more through my two failed tests. I realised I was getting better each time, at driving skills and became psychologically more confident. 15 mins before my third test, Shug gave me a wee break before my actual test, just calming me down and getting more prepared for the test. What he said during that short break had turned the test to be much less nerve-racking for me. He said ‘just thinking about driving as your normal work, would you be that nervous for your work? If not, then just demonstrate your examiner that you can handle driving!’ Yeah, that’s how I managed to pass my test eventually.

Again, I’d like to say thanks to Shug. Wish you all the best! 
And good luck to anyone who is learning driving, you can do it.— with Mccrae's Tina

I would highly recommend going to Shug if you are learning to drive. I have just passed my driving test and during my lessons Shug was always supportive and anytime I would make a mistake he would never get annoyed he would just talk me through everything and try to find alternative ways to teach me if I still didn't understand which was extremely helpful. Thanks for everything! Dylan.

Once again Shug thanks for the amazing experience and patience! , Can't rate Mr. Mccrae high enough. From start to finish Shug has been a friendly, professional instructor. It was a great experience to learn with Shug and before I knew it I was passing my test. Absolutely fantastic instructor, a happy, calming influence. 100% Recommended. Michal

Thanks so much to Shugs Wheels for teaching me how to drive and getting me through my test. Can’t recommend him enough, he’s an amazing instructor, made me feel so at ease and encouraged me to overcome my fears. He constantly reassured me when I thought I couldn’t do it. He was so patient with me through all my little meltdowns. Such a calming and welcoming person, highly recommend him. Jodie

Sorry it’s taking so long I’ve been so busy but here it is lol.. let me know if that’s ok x

Started my my lessons back up this May with the determination to pass my driving test! Shug helped me achieve this as he was always boosting my confidence and reassuring me that I could pass
Would highly recommend anyone him so anyone looking to start their lessons or even start them back up again like myself. Rebecca

Thanks Shug for helping me pass my test first time absolute great man and great instructor thanks for all your help,U taught me all the stuff I needed to know to pass and for that I’ll always be grateful 🙂🙂 👍Derek

“I’d failed a test a few years ago and wasn’t very confident but Shug sorted me out and I passed first time with him within a few months - I’d recommend him to anyone looking to get on the road”  Konner

 Shug-wheels, is a first class instructor & a brilliant life coach. Shug got me through my test first time & got me through some dark moments in my life. Shug I owe you a lot for guiding me. Thank you Shug  Andrew 

Patient and understanding couldn't have done it without you" thanks Dav

Can't recommend Shug enough, he is a friendly, patient instructor and helped me get my confidence back in time for my test after being let down by a previous instructor. The lessons were fun and comfortable with plenty of banter. Thanks so much Shug 😊Danielle
Passed both my theory and practical on the first attempt thanks to Shug. This man is hands down the best instructor ever. He most definitely had his work cut out with me with my lack of self confidence, anxieties, nerves and my unabated need for perfection from myself. For every obstacle I put in-front of myself he guided me passed them all with his calm, patient, reassuring and motivational teaching. I will be forever grateful to you Shug and will 100% be recommending you to everyone. Thank you. Carol 😊
Would definitely recommend Shug to anyone whos wanting to learn to drive, was so nervous before i started lessons but he explains everything really well and makes you feel really calm. I had a really stressful time trying to pass my practical test but I eventually got there all down to the help of Shug. 100% recommend - Ellie

Great instructor that always make you feel comfortable and confident when learning to drive Colin
Would recommend Shug to anyone who wants to start driving, very patient and teaches you everything you need to know about your theory and driving 100% recommend him- Jake
1st time lucky thanks to shug to being so patient with me considering a knew nothing about cars and for being the best instructor out there 🤗 Shug McCrae  Taylor
Good teacher, very patient and calm. I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. I passed first time and his tuition helped me improve my driving techniques and my skills dealing with situations on the road. - Matthew

I was lucky to have shug be the one to teach me how to drive, he was very patient and would go over things time and time again to make sure I was completely comfortable before my test, he was always reliable and never late or cancelled a lesson, his sarcasm makes the stress of being under pressure that much easier by his jokes to make you feel more comfortable and less under pressure, and he would never show anger when a mistake was made, he would just calm you done and talk you through how to overcome it, his very own website of the theory test and revision questions was really handy because anything you would get wrong he would know and go over the next lesson and because of shug I passed both my theory and practical 1st time, thanks so much shug!! Becca

Well where do I even start way this legend of a man after many fail attempts and weeks intensive driving course I met shug who completely changed my views on the driving experience his Technics where easier for me to understand and the dedication he showed me was brilliant as I was always very anxious about driving and he helped me overcome this he is an amazing instructor made me very comfortable in his company not to mention his patter is hilarious and although I am extremely happy I passed I am going to miss him very much thanks for all your help my friend xxx Tracy

Good guy, excellent instructor. Shug teaches you everything you need to know for before and after your test. Scott

I can't thank Hugh McCrae of Shugs-Wheels enough for his help and encouragement in getting me through my Theory Test and Practical Driving Test. Also for his patience and understanding of the more mature pupil.i would recommend Shugs Wheels to pupils of all ages. thanks Elizabeth

Shug was recommended to me by a friend and he's the best instructor I've had. He was really patient and made me feel at ease when I was learning. Passed my test today, but will actually miss taking lessons as he's a fantastic instructor" Thanks!  Gillain

After having problems with my previous instructor, Shug was more than happy to help me and take on the challenge. He was patient and understanding,always happy to help. I 100% recommend Shug as an instructor. Forever grateful Kacy 

Having been contemplating driving lessons for years, I thought it was finally time to start the new year and get things into place, so I booked my first block with shug. Being a coach myself, I knew what I was looking for in a coach/instructor and what methods (carrot or stick) worked best for me, and after the initial block, I knew shug understood how to coach and guide me to driving success. It was not an easy road as I never been behind the wheel at all and lacking in confidence I knew this would be a slow road, but shug was very patient, methodical and knowledgeable about building my skill set and also my confidence. Shug will give you a 100% as an instructor and coach, even at times when you don't believe in yourself, he will get the best out of you and on the road (no pun intended). Pablo

"Working with Shug mccrae has been an friendly and educational experience that came along with a lot of patients and understand which is the two most important things for an instructor to have which has had a real pleasant effect on my ability to drive as a whole" Erasme

Passed my test today... highly recommended thank you so much Shug patient of saint  Ta Mustafa

Sorry !!!! After I was let down by a previous instructor, Shug managed to get me test ready in just a few lessons and I passed first time!! Would recommend to everyone, Thank you so much Megan X

Cannot recommend Shug highly enough. I was really anxious about getting back to my lessons after a poor experience with another instructor, but he had confidence in me when I didn't. I passed both my theory and practical first time with his help and I'll be forever grateful. Missing your sass already! Ha ha Caitlin x

If you need an instructor Shug is the way to go! I had a previous instructor but changed to Shug and I can say right now with 100% certainly. I would not have passed. He is one of the best instructors to go with in my opinion. He is a sound guy and a belter of an instructor!  Stacy Ann

I would highly recommend McCrae school of motoring to everybody. When I first began my lessons with shug I was shy and had no confidence in myself or my driving. Shug helped me feel more comfortable and relaxed each time during my lessons and wasn’t afraid to have a bit of banter to make it more enjoyable. I have now passed my driving test which I thought was never going to happen and it’s all thanks to shug.  Nicole

I was happy with the lessons and the way I was taught to drive and I passed first time Michael 

I've just completed my practical driving test today after studying with Shug for the past few months. YEEHAA! Shug is a great instructor; as I had tried a few before settling with one. He is patient yet strict instructor who teaches students to drive to a high standard. I had no interest in driving, was hesitant to learn and could never imagine getting my licence.... for a whole 6 years... but thanks to persistence and Shug I'm now on the road. Robbie 

6 months pregnant and passed my test first time thanks to my man shug !!! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. I'm a very anxious person and even more being pregnant and shug gave me the confidence in a short amount of time to help me over come my fear of driving. I chose when to book my test and he had full faith in me !! I'm extremely grateful for everything you have done for me shug. Thank you 😊 Wee Jade 

Excellent service with a great instructor had 12 lessons and passed within 6 months I would recommend mcraes driving school to be the best and the driving instructor Shug is a nice guy very good to get on with 👍Chris

I would give Shug's wheels a 10/10 rating Shug is a really nice guy he is very patient and explains things to you in a way you can understand I passed my theory test first time with a high score all down to the time Shug spent with me going over the Highway Code it took me a bit longer to pass my driving test but Shug came up with an idea to help me so I wouldn't have time to worry about my test and it worked I passed I would highly recommend Shug if you're looking for a driving instructor you won't regret it thanks again Shug couldn't have done it without you Jamie 

Couldn't thank Shug enough for getting me through my test, and sticking by me all the way. Would highly recommend him, even if you are a novice, to a skilled driver. He will get you the results you need. Very reasonably priced as well, and his lessons also include access to the Theory Test App. Can't thank him enough!! Putts

Shug is an amazing driving instructor I'm so happy I choose Shug to help me get to the point of now passing my test and becoming a driver thank you very much going to miss my lessons you allway knew how to keep me calm thanks you xx Hayley

hi this is michael iv just passed my test this week with shugs wheels i done it with 3 different instructors and failed then i contacted shug and now i'm on the road he explained everything far greater than the other instructors i would highly recommend him  Michael

Passed first time👏🏽 Cant thank my driving instructor enough for teaching me everything thank god its over😂💃🏻 100% recommended Shug McCrae 👈🏽 Daniele 

Cannot thank Shug (Hugh) enough for his PATIENCE & kindness. He's hands down the best instructor to date! He's helped me through my worst & now BEST times. I wouldn't be the good confident young driver if it wasn't for his motivation skills towards me! He believed in me from start to finish & now I can honestly say I now believe in myself! I've gained a friend for life along the way & no words can describe my gratefulness for this man. One in a million thanks for everything!! Xxx TEAM MCCRAE  Allana.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to shug for helping me finally pass my driving test and also being flexible around my work schedule. I would highly recommend shug if you are thinking of learning how to drive. He lets you learn at your own pace and never rushes you into anything. He also know how to build your confidence and how to relax your nerves Gerry

What an absolute diamond of an instructor when I started I had no confidence and shug got my confidence back, he is so understanding and has the patients of a saint, will recommend him to everyone looking to learn to drive. Top class instructor can't thank him enough for finally getting me mobile x. Amanda

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Hugh McCrae ! Today I have finally passed my practical driving test... yes, better late than never! If it wasn't for his expertise, experience and banter the whole way through I would not be a driver! If your looking to get on the road he's your man! Thanks again Shug! Always remember the Shuggle!!!! ❤️  (You can't spell Shug without hug and that is the best way to describe the warm and nurturing embrace this instructor provided, when I began my lessons I was but a lowly caterpillar but Molded is his strong capable hands I have blossomed into a majestic butterfly. Shug puts the driving in driving even if it is occasionally up the wall. A++ instructor all round Shug as a bug in a  Nikki

Would like to give a big thanks to Shug for the excellent driving experience he has given me over the past few months , shug made driving seem so much easier to grasp than I thought it would be and would be thorough with the areas I was weaker in , by doing so I then passed my test first time. Shug thanks for helping me achieve this and I would recommend anyone who needs an instructor to go for their lessons through McCrae's driving school Marcus

Shug is a great driving instructor. Highly recommended. Always explained things in detail and made me feel comfortable whilst learning to drive.Thanks again for everything! Megan

Just put on the post " great instructor, great guy who doesn't over complicate things just tells you how it is,  David

Shug is a fantastic instructor would highly recommend to anybody, he is patient with you right up to the very last day. He is very supportive and motivating even in hard times and it was a pleasure driving with him. Stephanie 

What a guy! Would 100% recommend. Great teaching style, I could tell through my whole learning experience that shug was changing different aspects of his teaching to suit my needs. Thanks shug your banter was great you made the whole learning process comfortable and I couldn't be more grateful. Stewart

Brilliant instructor, was friendly and explained everything thoroughly and always made sure I knew what I was doing. was very encouraging if I got hesitant and was able to calmly take me through the steps again, definitely would highly recommend. Emily

WOO!! Passed first time ( in hamilton lmao) Thanks so much to would highly recommend him!  Stevan

I would recommend Hugh as a driving instructor who was understanding and patient with me as a beginner.  I past my theory and driving test first time with his help and knowledge. I would say a big thank you for all your help in getting me there.  Scott

I would really recommend Shug as a driving instructor as I have just recently passed with driving test and really confidence here. Shug is really easy to get on with, very relaxed and thorough in explaining his methods and gets you in the right mindset while driving. Having the theory test pro app available for free is also a huge bonus when sitting your theory test. Shug is suitable for all ages and I am very happy I used this driving school. Luke

I can't recommend Shug enough. I passed both my theory and practical tests first time and I'd never have thought I'd have been able to do that in a millions years. The theory test pro app is an excellent added bonus. I have had previous instructors but Shug is by far the best. He is very patient, his methods are so easy to follow and he is great at making you feel relaxed. I suffer from extreme anxiety for which I take daily medication and I am still gobsmacked that someone managed to teach me how to drive and give me the confidence I needed to gain my license.  It has changed my life. I literally cannot thank Shug enough. Karen x

Shug is a fantastic driving instructor. Would recommend him to anyone. I was quite nervous at times but shug put me at ease and was very patient. Susan

Hi My name is Moira I'm a very nervous 47 year old gran from Wishaw Shug has been giving me driving lessons since March 2016 and today I am EX STREAMLEY PLEASED TO SAY I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST 1ST TIME Shug is the most patient understanding caring considerate man I have every met I've laughed, I've cried, I've had to peel myself off the ceiling moments I'm not gonna lie its been tough and fun and all through the roller coaster of the last 7 months Shug has been my rock I can not thank him enough If you are reading this and thinking of calling Shug DO IT NOW you wont regret it he is amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH SHUG - U R THE MAN IN THE HIGH VIZ VEST LOL X

I would recommend McCrae's Driving School after recently passing my test. Shug is an excellent instructor who is friendly, patient and great at boosting confidence levels. You can always have a good laugh and chat with him. He was always very accommodating around my busy schedule. The explanation and process of learning to drive with McCrae's was successful and carried out efficiently. My experience of learning to drive was definitely an enjoyable one and I would highly recommend him as you will not be disappointed. Lauren

Shug is an excellent instructor who makes you feel at ease from your first lesson. Shug always gave me the confidence to push myself practically, as I was driving home independently by my third ever lesson. He was always very calm and reassuring and able to help me rectify any problems I had very quickly. I always felt relaxed and comfortable to ask questions at any time. I am very happy to have passed my driving test first time with Shug and highly recommend him to learner drivers looking to acquire excellent driving skills and pass their test as soon as possible. Devon

Shug was highly recommended to me and rightly so. Each lesson was split between learning new techniques and improving on skills that Shug had noted on the previous lesson had needed to worked on. As an instructor, Shug is very professional, takes the time to answer and explain any questions or misunderstandings and always provides constructive criticisms to help improve your driving ability. After a couple of unsuccessful tests with another instructor, I easily passed under Shug instructions in a short period of time. I would highly recommend him to anyone of all ability Michael

I started my lessons in January and passed first time in July. Really liked getting to know Shug, very nice guy that puts you at ease and has helpful hints and tips when you are struggling with any aspect of your driving lesson. Shug installs confidence in you and that in turn helps you to pass your test. I can't recommend Shug highly enough, if you want to pass first time then Shug is the instructor for you. Robert.

Shug was a very friendly and patient instructor full of great advice taking me to passing first time in a 6 month period never having driven before thanks again Shug  mate very much appreciate and highly recommend... Manus

Gareth Passed my driving test today, huge thanks to Shug McCrae fantastic instructor who I highly recommend. 

Shug is a very experienced driving instructor and helped me to pass my test first time! Constantly going out his way to ensure i could get as many lessons as i wanted. Very friendly and helped me become confident as i was nervous to be begin with.Recommend 100% Samantha x

Shug is very patient and did helped me a lot with improving my driving skills. I am now a fully confident driver thanks to him. X Gillan

 would highly recommend Shug of McCrae Driving School.  I couldn't have had a better instructor. His teaching method is excellent,  he's patient,  friendly, never makes you feel stupid no matter how many times you ask the same things and has a sense of humour so you always get a laugh. He constantly encourages you and helps boost your confidence.  I never, ever thought I'd pass my test first time but with all his help I passed both my theory and practical first time.  Thank you so much again,  Deborah.

I thought it was all good yeah, plenty of opportunity to ask questions or get a clearer alternate explanation, lessons weren't set in stone and could be adapted to whatever I needed to work on most that lesson. Feedback was constant and consistent and clear. Theory site that you use is very good. There isn't anything that stands out as a negative, all in all was great. I enjoyed my lessons and thanks again for helping me pass! Gregory 

There is only one way to sum up my experience with Shug and it's one of the best ones in my life ! He has pulled me through to something that will change my life forever ! He was one of the most patient people I have ever met ! When the nerves were to much he found away around them ! When I managed to get confused and panic be fixed it almost like magic ! He is definitely an amazing driving instructor and is in the right career ! I genuinely couldn't have got through my test and passed first time ! Without him he's an amazing guy and not only does he pull you through everything but he's a good laugh too! I looked forward to going out every week for my hours drive as it was brilliant and a good laugh while learning ! I honestly don't know how to thank McCrae driving school enough for helping me overcome this massive step in my life ! And always only being a phone call away when I was stressed out ! So thank you so much for being the most amazing instructor and being like a friend too! I always felt comfortable speaking to you or coming to you with my problems and I thank you so much for that! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks for an instructor ! Once again thank you for this amazing journey I wouldn't have wished it with anyone else ! Rebecca

After taking driving lessons on and off I decided to stick to them in order to pass. I searched driving instructors in my local area and came across shuts wheels. I noticed he stayed In hill house so it was close enough. Shug was a great guy and made me feel at ease when taking my lessons as I was nervous. He explained the procedures in a simplified way for me to understand and when I made mistakes he would get me to repeat those many times in order to rectify them. Each wee he would ask me to explain what we had done the previous week in order to refresh my memory. I thought this was a great tactic and no previous instructor had done this. He also made sure I was happy and comfortable with the man oeuvres etc before moving onto something new. Coming up to my test I started to take 2\3 lessons shug would try and accommodate the extra lessons around his other clients even fitting me in !after than usual. He is also one of  the cheapest for his lessons and offers great deals on block bookings. I sat my test and passed first time and could not have done it without shug help and guidance . I would recommend shug driving school to anyone who is looking to take lessons on learning to drive.  Paul

 Have just passed my test with Shug and honestly couldn’t recommend him enough. Before I started taking lessons I couldn’t have imagined a better instructor. Shug makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the word go and is patient and encouraging throughout. His methods of teaching are brilliant and he allows you to progress at your own pace. I’ll genuinely miss having lessons with him as each one was different, informative and fun! You’d struggle to find a better instructor or a nicer person. Thanks Shug !! x " Lauren

I would like to thank McCrae driving school for helping me pass my theory and driving test I've been with my instructor shug for a while and couldn't recommend anyone better than him he is very patient and understanding I needed allot of reassurance because of my nerves got the better of me allot of the time but he made me feel more confident he also taught my husband to drive as well and done a great job with him also so if your looking for someone to teach you how to drive you won't find anyone better than Shug! Thanks again Tina

Just passed my test with shug and I honestly wouldn't recommend or go with anyone else. I was so nervous when I first started and had so many worries including bad anxiety which shug helped me over come and become successful on passing my test. Not only is he an amazing driving instructor but he's a great friend and makes you feel comfortable and confident in the car when driving. I don't know how many times I forgot how to do things and yet he was patient and gladly went through them again with me no matter how many times I asked. Thanks so much shug, you've made my life so much easier for me and my little boy! Will miss you x Chantelle

I can  recommend Shug as a fantastic instructor.he takes time to explain every in and out of function of car to  taking his time to explain detail to detail I passed my theory and test first time . I would recommend him to family and friends. William

I have just passed my test after taking lessons with Shug. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, he is brilliant. Shug never made me feel stupid for making a mistake, or for asking the same question 20 times, he was just patient and encouraging at all times. He is a lovely guy who makes you feel at ease from the word go. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him and am so thankful for his support. Many thanks again Shug, you've helped change my life!  Maggie

Shug was an excellent instructor from the off, from calling back on my first query for lessons to helping me to pass. He makes you feel at ease from the off with his calm approach to teaching. His attention to even the smallest details was excellent. The Clio was an excellent car to learn in for a first time driver.  I would gladly recommend Shug as an instruction to anyone. Thanks again mate."  Marti 

I wanted to learn to drive and got in touch with shug who I really enjoyed learning to drive from. From the first time a stepped in the car I felt comfortable  and relaxed with him as my instructor. Learned everything I needed to to with confidence and passed both my theory and practical test first time so he must have done something right ha ha ha thanks a lot shug. Phil 

shug was a great instructor, I can't recommend him enough! I passed both my theory and practical test first time and this is due to his mentoring. He is very relaxed and patient and will answer any queries or questions. He doesn't rush anything and let's you go at your own pace building your confidence as you go. He taught me the basics of driving within the first few lessons which allowed me to advance quickly and begin learning manoeuvres. He is really flexible in terms of booking lessons and he always made extra effort to work around anything a had on. Overall I would highly recommend Shug he is a friendly guy, easy to get along with and a brilliant instructor!  Liam

I would just like to thank shug for helping me pass my driving test he is good instructor who is patient and professional he made Feel at ease with his calm nature I will be recommending him to others who r looking to take lessons in the short length of time it took me to pass I felt that his overall methods and attitude were spot on all in all he's Ah great guy n great instructor thanks shug   Garry 

Shug McCrae is an excellent instructor helped me very much and was very patient and reliable. I had never sat a lesson before this and I was able to pass my test first time with in seven months. That alone speaks volumes for the guy if you commit and give him your time he will get you passed its just a case of when . Would recommend him to anyone who would be looking to start taken their lessons .  Daren

I had never sat in the driving seat of a car before my first lesson with Shug. I went from being a very nervous first time driver to feeling confident and passing my test. He is a great instructor, patient, friendly  and gives you the encouragement you need to pass both your theory and practical test. I would definitely recommend!    Cheers, Heather

Shug was a great, supportive instructor. He made me feel at ease from my first lesson and helped me progress swiftly through my tuition. His in-depth teaching style particularly helped me master parallel parking. I enjoyed learning to drive in his Clio and looked forward to my lessons each week. Shug was easy to get along with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to enjoy learning how to pass." Thanks a lot mate and all the best for the future,  Kalium.

McCrae driving lessons are very professional and emphasis their learning outcomes on safe driving ready for both the driving test and driving after the test. As a result I have passed my test and I am a confident driver on the roads. The structured lessons given allowed for me to learn to drive in a swift period of time but I had long enough to gain experience and confidence before I was ready for driving on my own. The instructor was friendly, supportive and had great expertise in teaching learners to drive. I would highly recommend these lessons as they allow you to learn at a steady pace as well as allow you to learn to be confident on the roads. Andrew

I will really miss my lessons with shug, each one was made different and I looked forward to them every week. I was made to feel at ease from my very first lesson which helped build my confidence in every situation that I faced. I feel that the pace of learning was really reasonable and nothing was rushed through. Any errors I made were quickly fixed and I was never made to feel silly. The car is great to drive and the resources to study for my theory test were really helpful.  I will continue to recommend McCrae's school of driving to everyone that I know because my experience was made fun!!  Thanks again, Justine

When I started my lessons with Shug he made me feel at ease and I had no reason to worry. He has a very calming influence in a situation that can seem daunting and scary. He is easy to talk to and never made any question seem silly. His car is great and easy to drive and the lessons are relaxed, informative and fun. I loved my lessons and now that I can drive I miss them. I have recommended Shug to a number of friends and will continue to do so. Thanks so much for everything.Sara

I would highly recommend McCrae driving school to anyone who is wishing to start driving on the road, I went with McCrae driving school and gained the confidence over time and I was able to pass my theory test after practising with Theory test pro which Shug enrolled me in when I started my lessons. I was then was able to pass my practical test and Shug went over everything that I was weak and strong on every lesson so that I was able to pass my test I am now driving on the road to college in Glasgow every day a confident driver and I feel more independent and driving has changed my life. - Michael

Would really recommend McCrae helped me pass my driving test , was very helpful an patient couldn't have done my lessons with anyone else.   Thanks  Kirsty

I would gladly recommend driving with Shug McCrae, this is a man who knows what he's talking about. Giving support with all aspects of the theory, constant encouragement throughout each lesson & the patience of a saint! he provides a service that can only be described as QUALITY   He really is with you all the giving helpful tips to ensure success being the end result. I'm extremely thankful i chose to drive with Shug McCrae Thanks Charlotte

it was the best decision I have made all year. Shug was a great instructor for me as he allowed me to quickly develop my driving skills. Through his tuition I was able to pass both my practical and theory tests first time for which I am very grateful.Good value for money and was able to have a good laugh,Thanks again,  Reece

Shug McCrae school of motoring is the best by far!!! I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed from the very first Lesson at McCrae, Shug Is a great Instructor and brings you along at your own speed. Every Lesson I had added a little bit extra onto the skills I was learning and built up the confidence in no time at all. My wife has already said she'll be taking up lessons with McCrae and I couldn't praise his Motoring school and more If your looking around for lessons you wont find a better deal or school.   Thanks John

Dawn Grieg  18/3/11 & 13/9/12  hey shug, its dawn ..... thanks for everything especially helping me pass my test. had a laugh through it all. it was great, best moment of my life when he said you have passed!!!!. couldn't have done it without you, thank you very much.Dawn xx

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